Event Ideas

If you realise that team building or bonding is very important and have committed to developing specific events, you will undoubtedly be interested in what we can suggest as a professional event management company. Certainly, we have a variety of event ideas and can craft some invigorating team building days to help your organisation move forward with a purpose.

Explore ideas for your next corporate event by selecting one of the following event categories:


Great foodie challenges and experiences that will have the team drooling! Do you and your team love food and the sharing of food together? These events are perfect for you. Eat, drink, laugh, share, have fun and be merry with these culinary-inspired events.

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mpt corporate ideas event ideas foodie events food and wine sensory challenge
mpt corporate ideas event ideas foodie events paddock to plate
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mpt corporate events team events cocktail masterclass

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A range of fun and affordable events for you and your team. If you don’t have a big budget but still want to treat your staff, these effective and value-focused events are perfect for you.


A bespoke range of stylish, curated events that are unique and indulgent. Unforgettable experiences that will leave you and your guests feeling like VIP’s. Roll out the red carpet…

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mpt corporate events company event ideas otway ranges ultimate experience
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Set the team loose on adventures and great experiences that will see creative and problem solving skills flourish. This varied catalogue of events will inspire, motivate and encourage team work, all the while having fun!

Small Groups

Small group events allow for amazing exclusivity and endless options. Let us tailor something inspiring with your budget, whether large or small. Select from a whole day, half day or an event hosted inhouse – either way, you’re in for a great time!

mpt corporate events work events for small groups murder mystery dinner
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Are you looking for an entertaining team challenge to inspire, motivate and reward your team? We have some great options to select from including both indoor and outdoor, active and passive, challenging and relaxing. Create an event that is fully catered or straight to the point. Our range of team-focused events can help bring out skills and talents people never knew they had!

Discuss Your Event Idea with Us

Sometimes the inspiration comes from within and as you know your company better than anyone else, then perhaps you should make the suggestions. Sometimes, the best company event ideas can be home-grown and work with particular props or take advantage of existing strategies. You’re best placed to advise how important these are, while turning to our creativity to help you make everything a reality.
Don’t be afraid to come forward with your event ideas and specify your ultimate objective. Event Management companies like ourselves are used to thinking outside of the box and can help cultivate these concepts until they grow into an outstanding success for you.

More About Our Event Ideas


Everyone likes to take care of the inner man or woman and it makes perfect sense to develop some event ideas that focus on food and drink. For example, help your team to savour the moment by participating in a food and wine-related sensory challenge. They’ll be asked to identify a particular species of grape while enjoying other creations put forward by a celebrity chef.

Alternatively, they can go back to the basics and explore an authentic farm while they learn how specific foods find their way to the table. They will be able to gather some of these organic products before transferring inside to the kitchen and preparing a plateful for their fellow team members.

If you prefer to stay downtown, then take your group members on a hidden tour of some amazing Melbourne locations. Treat them to lunch as they relax in these unusual and off the wall function spaces, with plenty of room for camaraderie and team building.


You may not always have a lot of money to spend on team building activities even though you know it’s important, but the good news is that you can engage some spectacular group events without breaking the bank. For example, take to the sports field and dress your team up in “bubbles.” They can then take part in a crazy and chaotic football game where they will all need to work together as never before.

If this isn’t energetic enough for your team, what about a dragon boating regatta challenge, where they take to the water for some serious competition? This is the ultimate in team cohesion, and if they don’t pull together as a team, they won’t move the boat. Don’t worry, there are professionals on hand to instruct and to make sure everything is safe.

Why not take a trip over to the dark side and lock your team up in prison? This is tongue in cheek, of course, and takes place in an authentic reproduction of a prison, located in a downtown Melbourne hotel. They need to learn to bribe the guards and pull a few “fast ones” if they are to escape, and they must collaborate with their team members to learn how.


If you want to be indulgent and go to town with your team, perhaps as an end-of-year “thank you” event, why not ship them out to the Otway Ranges for the ultimate experience? Once they jump off their luxury coach, the first experience will be high above the temperate rainforest aboard a zip line experience. After they have communed with nature, they will be treated to a five-course degustation lunch which has been lovingly crafted by an expert chef, and then they will have the rest of the day to enjoy.

Alternatively, spend some time on the water aboard a superyacht as you cruise along the bay and marvel at the sights and sounds. This type of trip can be tailored according to your needs with entertainment onboard and a specific food or beverage package. Once again, this is your chance to pamper your team and thank them for all their efforts.


We have a large variety of events designed to pull you and your team away from your familiar environments, and we can craft a specific experience.
You can pretend that you’re all part of the Great Race and spread out over Melbourne to look for clues as you chase for the finishing line. It’s not simply a race, however, but a way of working together as a team, making the right choices and being strategic.

Alternatively, you could choose to get closer to nature and climb up the trees in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. In the company of experienced instructors, your team can surf the trees while solving some challenges. In order to overcome those natural fears, they’re able to call on the encouragement and support of their colleagues. As with many of these events, your team can be split into individual groups to see who comes out on top.


It doesn’t matter whether your group is extensive or diminutive. We can come up with a solution that will work perfectly for the number and fit within your overall budget. These can be in-house events or spread over a whole day, but the important thing is that everyone gets engaged.

As an example, why not allow your team to create their own cocktails using a variety of their favourite ingredients? The taste may not hit the spot when it’s time for the others to sample, but it’s the thought that counts, after all!


While every activity can be classed as a challenge, some are more demanding than others and if you’re looking to inspire and reward your team with some great ideas, we have plenty to choose from here as well.
For something really unusual why not let your team become part of the circus and learn some of those amazing and magical tricks? We can team them up with authentic circus performers and let them explore their originality to find out who is the most creative of your bunch.


As you can see, there truly is something for everyone and it all begins with a call. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we can create some majestic team building days for your company.