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Boeing 737 Simulator Competition

Boeing 737 Simulator Competition Boeing 737 Simulator Competition Boeing 737 Simulator Competition

Put yourself in the Captain’s seat with this Boeing 737 Simulator Competition. It’s an exhilarating experience that lets you challenge your colleagues and take charge of the aircraft.

It is based on a Boeing 737-800 and features a life-sized cockpit with stunning, realistic scenery that plays on your senses – making this thrilling experience as close to reality as possible.

Team members will receive an experience unlike any other, as it is just like being in a real commercial aircraft cockpit following the same procedures used by the airlines operating Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Each flight will be Captained by two GT Pilots under the guidance of a Flight Experience Instructor. The best team will receive a Trophy of Recognition. 2nd, 3rd and Last place teams will also be recognised. Everybody gets a Flight Experience Framed Photo, a Certificate of Flight and a Compilation DVD of all flights.

In the meantime, right next door is one of our very favourite city bars. You can even run a cocktail event there and have your MPT host ferrying teams between the simulator next door, then back to the bar.

At the conclusion the Flight Experience Instructor will announce the results and issue the winner’s trophies.


  • Exclusive Boeing 737 simulator challenge
  • Light canapés and beverages
  • Winners trophies
  • Flight Experience Framed Photo
  • Compilation DVD of all flights
  • Event host

Recommended Duration:

• 2 hours

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