Team Challenges

Any organisation, large or small, relies on the capability of its members. Each individual may have their own role to play based on their expertise or experience and may be particularly good at what they do, but the real strength comes in unity, when everybody works together for the common good. You can sum this cohesion up in one word–teamwork, and while it is a term that is bandied around a lot, success can be a powerful predictor of future growth. Almost without exception, any team that works closely together will be more productive and successful and will help the organisation realise exponential gains. Have you developed any team building activities to help push your company forward?

We are happy to help – explore our carefully crafted corporate team challenges:


Why Our Team Challenges?

In business, team members may come together to tackle a problem or to develop more successful products and services. Cohesion may not be something that comes naturally, however, and it’s a good idea to develop these skills through team building activities as well. In this way, your people can take full advantage of their complementary skills with a dedicated hierarchy and leadership structure.

We can help your organisation benefit from this approach as our company helps to create the environment and suggest activities that can work for you. We can design memorable team building activities for work according to your needs and specific requirements. Our intention is to create team building ideas that inspire your members and send them back to your workplace with their sleeves rolled up and ready to create some magic.

Group Activities


In this fun and interactive team building activity, each group finds themselves in a zoo where they need to gather individual puzzle pieces and answer team building questions as they progress from station box to station box. The challenge is to race around the zoo on a gorilla mission and they must work together as they understand their surroundings and determine the answer to their questions. Each question correctly answered gains extra points and each member of that team has their own individual role to play as things progress. In this fun adventure, the groups will see a variety of wild animals in an authentic surrounding, but they must pay attention to detail if they are to be successful.


This team building activity is guaranteed to be a laugh while being challenging at the same time. Each member has to dress in a massive inflatable bubble and then come together as a team to try to get the ball into the opponent’s net. On the face of it, this may look like chaos, but it does require some effort and, crucially, teamwork. It may look as if it’s rough and tumble, but it’s very safe and easy. The rest of the team will be able to sit on the sidelines and enjoy watching the others take part while eating a picnic lunch and drinking some beverages. Note, beer and wine can be included in the premium package and all equipment is supplied.


If anyone from your team has ever fancied a place in the circus, this is their chance. Experienced circus performers will help to teach your team members how to do various acts, including devil sticks, plate spinning, juggling, and diabolo. The pressure is on, however, as everybody comes together in their own team performance at the end where they have to put their newly acquired skills to the test. At the end, prizes will be distributed and photographs taken along with the circus performers. This is an event that is sure to be both spectacular and memorable.


If you really want to see how your team works together, put them all together in a boat. Then, add a drummer to beat the time and a steerer to direct the boat and set them off. The dragon boat is adorned with Chinese dragon heads and tails for spectacular effect and the ultimate goal is to pull this fully loaded vessel down the racecourse in perfect unison. Don’t worry about safety, as there is a briefing beforehand, a first aid crew on-site and an accredited “sweep” to manage the activity.


This team building activity begins with a quiz where you have to answer questions related to food and wine presented by Melbourne’s own Cameron Smith, a well-known radio personality. Next, team members will need to taste ingredients and use their senses to solve related questions. A variety of other challenges are then rolled out, including the ever-popular wine challenge, where they need to identify varieties of grapes. The winning team from within your group will be given “Food and Wine Sensory challenge” medallions at the end of their culinary adventure.


This is similar to the Amazing Race and this team building event is an urban adventure. You need to visit places of interest and famous landmarks while completing activities as you go. Each member has to decipher clues and solve puzzles through the course. The team that completes all stages in the least amount of time will be the winner, but success will be based on strategy selection and planning. All equipment and props are included.


Redhill Farm is located on the stunning Mornington Peninsula and the day will start with a scenic drive to this destination. The head farmer will teach the team about biological farming and sustainable practices to get them ready for the challenge. Moving into the kitchen, the team will then interact with this homegrown produce and explore culinary skills as they create a fantastic dish. Everyone gets to enjoy their “paddock to plate” creation and to celebrate the achievement of the team.


The destination today is the Royal Melbourne Hotel and their famous “prison cells” within. The challenge is to simulate a real prison environment and tackle a series of mental or strategic challenges, to decipher clues, win over the guards, “steal” a master key and try to break out. This will bring many skills into the equation, including leadership, problem-solving, strategy and communication. Everybody can celebrate their devious achievements with lunch or dinner upon conclusion.


This is an exclusive event that takes place at a private bowling alley in the central business district. Bask in the luxury of this glamorous venue while you wear your stunning gold bowling shoes and get ready for the challenge. Following canapés and cocktails, the group is divided into teams to play their own games before a grand finale that decides the ultimate champion.


We hope that these ideas have whetted your appetite and helped to persuade you why corporate team building activities are so important. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about these activities, or to discuss some of your own team building ideas with us.


Corporate Team Building Activities in Melbourne

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