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Team Culinary Challenge

Team Culinary Challenge Team Culinary Challenge Team Culinary Challenge

The team culinary challenge is a great way to get together in a fun environment and have a team foodie experience.

Four national teams (Morocco, Vietnam, Spain and Italy) are created and each battle it out with a massive cook-off to see who is the ultimate culinary nation!

Teams are given a series of recipes, all the ingredients, plus our chefs’ expert advice.

Teams then familiarize themselves with the recipes before getting 45 minutes to prepare and serve the appetizers to the other teams.

Work then begins on the main course and dessert. Bonus points can be won by correctly answering the culinary quiz questions. After dessert we reveal the triumphant culinary nation.


• Expert advice from highly qualified chefs
• Recipes and required ingredients
• Three course lunch
• Prizes for the winners
• Event host

Recommended Duration:

• 4 hours

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