Small Groups

You may have heard about forward-reaching companies with a large employee base, who focus on creating a vibrant atmosphere at work by bringing everyone together as a team. You may see the merits involved here but think that this approach is only relevant for organisations of a certain size, as they can take advantage of their economies of scale. In other words, it’s all very well for them to engage in group team building activities because they have a meaningful number of people, but in your case, that’s not relevant.

Explore our carefully crafted group activities or read more about the importance of events for small groups.


Why Small Group Events?

Maybe you should think about this mindset again as team building is every bit as relevant for smaller groups of people as well. Even though you may be a growing organisation and not as big as some of those peers, you can still experience some significant gains when your staff members pull together for the greater good of the business.

Our organisation is ideally placed to create some fantastic group activities for your small team and we have crafted our offers with this in mind. We’ve worked with many businesses of similar size and always make sure that we listen to their requirements and specify accordingly. In other words, our smaller group events are not simply a micro version of any larger offerings, but specifically crafted for you.



Many people like to unwind with a favourite cocktail at the end of a strenuous day. This is the opportunity for your people to learn how they can mix and make those concoctions from scratch, or even come up with something that is completely individual. These group bonding activities take place in a private function room in the company of an expert mixologist who will help your team stir up their masterpiece in short order. When they are ready to sit back and sip their creation, complete the evening with a dinner or a visit to a real cocktail bar instead.


Put even more emphasis on team cohesion and group team building activities by holding your cocktail master-class in an authentic cocktail lounge instead. Here, they will be surrounded by the familiar trappings and will engage with a premium mixologist so that they can collaborate on the perfect cocktail. Once again, push your team members to create something that is truly original while they marvel at the creativity of their colleagues.


This group team building activity begins in the company of a local radio personality as your staff are bombarded by food and wine-related questions. Divided into groups, they will vie for supremacy as they sample ingredients and use their various senses to come up with answers. Then, they will move on to one of the highlights of the day, a wine challenge involving the need to identify different grape varieties. The day concludes as they qualify for special challenge medallions at the end of their adventure.


You’d be surprised at the secret places to be found in downtown Melbourne and this group team building activity helps you to uncover them. Start off in the Swamp Room hidden behind a nondescript door where you can read all about absinthe and enjoy a few taste tests, should you wish. Other cocktails and nibbles are also available. The next destination is “up top” at an exotic rooftop bar, where award-winning bartenders create some amazing cocktail experiences for you. As you marvel at the surroundings and the stunning view, the team will learn how to make their own cocktails and, importantly, how to put on a show as they do so. It’s then time for a competition to see who learned the most and who is a natural mixologist.


This is a winery tour with a difference in the up-and-coming Bellarine Peninsula. This group team activity bonding starts with a ferry ride where the team will enjoy morning tea before they board a bus to their destination. They’ll then enjoy some wine tasting in a magnificent environment followed by lunch and transfer to a second winery. The midday meal is made up of three courses and accompanied by a lengthy sojourn, music and beverage package. This is a great opportunity for them all to get to know each other in a quiet, ambient and relaxing atmosphere before heading back on the ferry to Melbourne.


What is more inspiring and relaxing than a boat cruise? This group activity features three hours aboard a luxurious vessel, specifically chartered for you and crewed by professionals. You can choose from a selection of canapés and beverage packages as you cruise the Yarra River or meander through Hobson’s Bay. If you like, you can choose your own soundtrack to be programmed into the onboard system for some entertainment or allow your staff to stroll outside to watch the sunset.


From time to time, your team may need to solve some challenging issues at work and this small group activity will help them to do so. However, this type of challenge is even more daunting as they need to unmask a killer! A tongue-in-cheek murder mystery unfolds while your group is enjoying dinner at the venue of your choice or a specially chosen “eerie” location. They will be given some collateral to help them, including money to bribe others, notes about the characters and individual props. This activity may allow your team members to learn a lot more about their colleagues than they’d ever suspected…


Your small group jumps aboard a luxury coach and departs Melbourne for the Otway Ranges. Here, they will undertake the first activity with a zip line experience, careening through the treetops of this spectacular rainforest, on the lookout for any indigenous species. This is followed by a degustation lunch, which is spread over five courses and expertly created by a local chef. It’s part of a premium bonding experience that is meant to reward your staff for all their hard work.


Who doesn’t like a slice of pizza at the end of a hard day’s work? If you’ve always wondered how this food is made, this challenge is the opportunity to find out. Your group members will exhibit a variety of different skills as they make decisions, become creative and work together as a team. They will need to perform these tasks very carefully if they are to produce the perfect pizza. It will all start with the dough before moving on to ingredients and the cooking process itself. Everyone gets to enjoy this culinary treat at the conclusion, washed down with a glass of wine.


Take over a private bowling alley situated in Melbourne’s CBD. This is an authentic venue with all the trimmings and your staff will even get to wear some golden bowling shoes as well. There will be time for some canapés and cocktails before the group will be divided into several teams and bowl to their heart’s content. The objective is to build up points and qualify for a grand finale, to choose the ultimate champion.


No group is too small to benefit from this type of amazing and bonding experience. We specialise in creating these intimate events and would be honoured to do the same for you. Get in touch with us and share your ideas so we can get this underway.