Amazing Race with a Twist!


This amazing race challenge is a fun, interactive team-building activity. Each team is set the challenge of Racing Around the Zoo on a Gorilla Mission! The challenge for each team is to find the 5 stations around the main walking trail using a puzzle piece and team building questions to “unlock” their station box. Each station box has a clue inside to find the next station. While racing, the teams must pay attention to their surroundings and answer a series of questions to earn extra points to help them win. Every member of the team has a role to play within the race to help complete the Gorilla Mission. Groups race each other around the zoo visiting one of the world’s largest gorilla exhibits, coming face to face with a pride of lions, discovering a family of hippos in their wetland home and meeting the fastest land animal, the cheetah. The mission will not be won on speed, but rather team work and attention to detail.

Once all the puzzle pieces have been collected, teams work together to find their solution to the Gorilla Mission.

After the race has been run and the victors have been crowned,  climb on-board the general safari bus for a firsthand look at African animals in a natural habitat.

This great morning or afternoon out will be a day your team will remember for a long time to come!

This event is only available Monday-Friday.


  • Coach transfers to and from the Zoo
  • Entry into the Zoo
  • 1.5 hour Amazing Race challenge around the Zoo
  • Winner’s Prizes
  • 40 minute standard safari bus tour
  • Event photos
  • MPT Host

Talk to us about making a day of it and include lunch in the Meerkat Room or a sharing menu at Shadowfax Winery, just down the road.



Minimum: 15 people
Maximum: 40 people


$111 per person (based on 40 people)

$163 per person (based on 15 people)

*Rates provided are indicative only. Please contact us for a personalised quotation.

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