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Can a corporate event coordinator make your next event entertaining? That’s the question many people find themselves asking because most people picture corporate events as stuffy and formal occasions. However, corporate entertainment doesn’t have to be boring. It can be engaging, memorable and fun.

This is especially true if you find yourself using the help of a corporate event organiser. They have the necessary connections to help you plan and pull off top-notch corporate event entertainment. We’ll outline how you can make your event entertaining, things to remember and more below.

Things to Remember When You Hire Corporate Entertainment

There are a few factors to consider when you hire corporate event entertainment for your business events. A corporate event organiser can help you flesh out all of the specifics to ensure you have appropriate entertainment on hand. But the things you have to consider include:

  • Determine the social background, age and sex of your attendees when you choose your corporate entertainment. A tribute to a hot up-and-coming artist may be perfect for a family-friendly event, but it won’t go over as well at a black-tie gala.
  • Venue location and size is one thing many people tend to forget when they dig into planning their business events. These two things are very important because they directly dictate whether or not you can have all of the corporate entertainment you want, or if you have to scale your ideas back.
  • The cost is another large thing to consider. Do you have a strict budget that you absolutely have to stick to, or is money not an issue and you can go all out? The amount of money you have at your disposal and are prepared to spend on your corporate event entertainment will impact your available options.

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How to Get the Most Out of Each Corporate Entertainment Idea

There are a plethora of performers, acts and events geared specifically toward corporate entertainment, and they help to ensure that the business makes a memorable impression. In order to get the most out of your business event, you have to ensure that:

  • You look for a wow factor or a unique angle with your entertainment that will impress each of your guests. The bigger the impression your event makes, the more your event participants will talk about it afterwards.
  • If your corporate entertainment is for a trade stand or for an exhibition, the performers or acts you choose will draw a crowd. You want them to be eye-catching enough to bring a surplus of foot traffic to your stand.
  • You use entertainment that can incorporate your message or logo into their event somehow. You want to have absolutely no questions as to which company is putting on the event and is responsible for the entertainment choices.
  • You are well aware of the hottest appropriate entertainment and use it so everyone knows that your brand is up to date – or ahead of the game.

Nine Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Enlisting the help of a corporate event coordinator can help you get the most out of your event and tailor the experience to your wants and needs. However, we want to give you options and let you know about a few hot corporate entertainment ideas available. You can get them custom-tailored for both large and small companies without a problem.

1. Build Your Own Event

  • What better way to ensure that your business event is a success than to build your own event? Have your participants indulge in a delicious glass of wine before strolling through a unique park. Take your staff on a wine tasting adventure with delicious food. Or, arrange for your staff to go to a farm and have an olive platter experience. A private luxury coach to and from your destination, meals, and photos can take the adventure to another level.

2. Take a Hidden Tour of Melbourne

  • Melbourne is a vibrant and bustling metro, and what better way to see it than take your attendees on a hidden tour? You’ll get to experience the rich and exciting history of Melbourne while visiting hidden gems all over the city. Taste local honey, experience the spices, sites and sounds that make this city so unique, and end the tour at a beautiful bar for a cocktail and cheese platter. You’ll get to relax, enjoy a leisurely tour, and experience a whole new side of this stunning city.

3. Go on a Luxurious Super Yacht Cruise

  • Take your event attendees on the cruise of the year with a luxurious super yacht. This high-end corporate entertainment idea is the perfect way to dazzle your guests and have them talking about it for months to come. You can choose to offer food or no food, and whether you want a day or evening cruise. This three-hour private event comes with a bar, and there is an optional DJ. It’s a nice way to get away from everything, relax and have a good time with your coworkers, staff and attendees.

4. Tour the Bellarine Peninsula

  • This indulgent, unique and fun corporate event takes a day-long trip to Bellarine Peninsula. It starts with a short ferry ride with coffee, tea and sweet treats. Your attendees will land at Portarlington where they’ll indulge in a delicious wine tasting before going on to a second location. Then, they enjoy a gourmet lunch overlooking the gorgeous Swan Bay. They’ll get a three-course lunch followed by a three-hour beverage package before relaxing the afternoon away. At the end of the event, a luxury coach or ferry will bring them back to the office.

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5. Throw a Garden Party

  • Your corporate event organiser can help you pull off the perfect low-key garden party. A garden party in the stunning Yarra Valley is the perfect way to get away for an afternoon, enjoy delicious food and great company. Guests will get a private barrel room tour upon arriving at the winery, followed by wine tastings and a regional dessert platter. Next comes a gourmet lunch along with a host of fun lawn games that encourage friendly competition. Join the games or sit back and relax until it’s time to go back to the office. The choice is yours.

6. Dragon Boat Regatta

  • Corporate events can be fun, challenging and an excellent chance to bond. This was never more true than with the Dragon Boat Regatta. Suited for up to 20 people per boat, you’ll get to enjoy a day on the water soaking in the sun and working together. This two-hour event sees teams racing against one another to the finish line to win fabulous prizes and bragging rights for years to come! Event photos will help you capture the fun and excitement, and give your attendees a souvenir to take home.

7. Custom Designed Events

  • You don’t have to go for the same old, same old when you plan your next business event. Our corporate event organiser can help you create a custom-designed event. We will work with you to craft an experience that is perfectly suited to your budget, wants and needs while staying fun and interactive. Whether you want a bush event, walking tour, luxury luncheon, or anything else you can think of, we can tailor the event to suit you. Your guests will have a fantastic time from start to finish. Choose from single or multiple-day excursions for your attendees.

8. Cocktail Masterclass

  • Bring on your mixology skills with a fun and hands-on cocktail masterclass! This great mini corporate event will get your attendees mixing and laughing from start to finish. You’ll get a glass of sparkling bubbles upon arrival, and then you’ll learn from a professional mixologist how to mix, shake or stir two signature cocktails. You can experiment with new flavours,  or you can follow classic recipes. You’ll get chef’s choice canapes during the event, fun photos and more.

9. Melbourne Boat Cruise

  • What better way to kick back and relax than on a boat cruise of Melbourne? This exclusive three-hour cruise is a perfect corporate entertainment idea for small groups. It comes with a three-hour beverage package and delicious canapes. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and take in the stunning scenery along with the gorgeous Melbourne weather on a calm river. Once you finish with the event, you can return to the office to finish out your day.

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